You can make a difference! 

Losing a baby during pregnancy can be a devastating experience with lifelong consequences for the whole family. We work to support bereaved families and improve the care they receive.

The money we raised will help us to provide: 

  • Clinical psychologist led support groups and information sessions around grief. Allowing parents to come together to share their experiences, guided by a trained professional.

  • Comfort boxes. Five different boxes containing thoughtful items to provide solace in each of the stages of grief: Denial/shock, Anger/guilt, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance/Hope. Boxes would contain for example candles, photo frame, chocolate, therapy journal, forget-me-not seeds. In addition we include experiences such as yoga classes or restaurant vouchers to encourage parents to go out in the latter stages of their grieving process. It is not always easy to find the right words in such a situation so the gesture of sending a comfort box to a loved one is a way of expressing how much we care.

  • Art session with a sculptor to create a personal keepsake.

To achieve this, we rely on your generosity and every little help is greatly appreciated.

There are several ways you can donate:

  1. Online donations

  2. Direct transfers.


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